News Wrap: Sunni extremists extend reach toward Baghdad
In our news wrap Wednesday, a group of Sunni militants broadened their control in Iraq by ...
published: 11 Jun 2014
Saving Baghdad and the American Embassy
As militants move closer to the capital city in Iraq, President Obama weighs the options, ...
published: 18 Jun 2014
Iraq Crisis: ''Baghdad will fall within a month' say Sunni fighters - BBC News
Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/bbcnews?sub_confirmation=1 Check out our website: ht...
published: 25 Jun 2014
Iraqi forces HIT back at Militants | Sunni militant PUSH on Baghdad 'halted' | BREAKING NEWS
Iraqi forces HIT back at Militants | Sunni militant PUSH on Baghdad 'halted' | BREAKING NE...
published: 15 Jun 2014
Jihadi Forces in Iraq Close in on Baghdad
The turmoil has grown more intense with radical groups only 60 miles outside of the capita...
published: 16 Jun 2014
Iraq conflict: heavy CLASHES with Sunni insurgents near Baghdad | BREAKING NEWS - 17 JUNE 2014
Iraq conflict Clashes on approaches to Baghdad | BREAKING NEWS - 17 JUNE 2014 For more La...
published: 17 Jun 2014
US drones over Baghdad as Iraq battles for Tikrit
The United States confirmed that it was flying armed drones over Baghdad to defend America...
published: 28 Jun 2014
News Today Iraq conflict Sunni militant push on Baghdad halted News World
Iraqi government forces, backed by Shia Muslim and Kurdish militias, are reportedly holdin...
published: 15 Jun 2014
India News team reaches Baghdad
India news reaches baghdad to take live situation there. For More information on this new...
published: 27 Jun 2014
2014 - BBC World News - Imminent ISIS Attack on Baghdad; Iraqi Kurds Seize Ctrl of Kirkuk - 13/6/14
This is a special compilation edition of BBC World News, recorded at 1200 hrs SGT (present...
published: 12 Jun 2014
'ISIS: Baghdad next, oil production will dive, price will rise'
Since the start of its rampage through Iraq, ISIS has been eyeing vital oil fields - inclu...
published: 23 Jun 2014
IRAQ hits militants from the AIR north of Baghdad | BREAKING NEWS - 19 JUNE 2014
IRAQ hits militants from the AIR north of Baghdad | BREAKING NEWS - 19 JUNE 2014 For more...
published: 19 Jun 2014
2014 July Breaking News USA ARMED drones & four teams of USA Army special forces arrived in Iraq
2014 July Breaking News Iraq USA started flying ARMED with Hellfire missiles drones over B...
published: 18 Jun 2014
Thousands of Shia militia parade in Baghdad
Iraq's Mahdi Army militia paraded through the streets of Baghdad's Sadr City district, hee...
published: 21 Jun 2014
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CrossTalk: Saving Baghdad?
Why should Washington militarily save the Baghdad regime? What has happened to the billion...
published: 18 Jun 2014
PTV News 12 giugno 2014 - Jihadisti in marcia su Baghdad
- Jihadisti in marcia su Baghdad - In rivolta contro i mondiali - Fuga dalle città fantasm...
published: 12 Jun 2014
Jihadist militants in Iraq close in on Baghdad
Fierce fighting continues in Iraq with Jihadist militants reportedly seizing two areas clo...
published: 13 Jun 2014
Baghdad Tense As Residents Eye Insurgency
As Sunni insurgents pushed further into a province northeast of Iraq's capital, the centra...
published: 17 Jun 2014